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  • Today the most commonly used material for a backsplash is tile. Recently, materials such as natural stone, metal, and mosaic are becoming more popular. We believe that our innovative product, Skinali, soon will be the most in demand material for backsplashes.
  • The Skinali glass backsplash for kitchens is made of tempered glass. Using a special technology, we can imprint the glass with any image. You can choose an image in our catalog, or you can use your own image, or you can create an image with the help of our designer.
  • The tempered glass is 5 to 7 times stronger compared to regular glass, it is to heat resistant and easy to clean. You will fully appreciate these advantages while enjoying this glass backsplash.


  •  First and foremost, people prefer the look and feel of our glass panels, especially given that the design is customer driven.
  • Being perfectly smooth and flat, Skinali inhibits the accumulation of dirt and harmful bacteria;
  • Another popular feature of Skinali is how easy it is to clean it: many common household window cleaners work very well.
  • Skinali is tempered glass and resistant to impact damage and chipping.
  • The image doesn’t wash out and doesn’t fade.
  • The glass panels are eco-friendly and safe. They are produced within a short time frame, and are completely custom made. They are also easy to install and to dismantle, and there is almost nothing to clean after the installation. Another important advantage of Skinali is the variety of design options. There are unlimited option of colors, images, or a textures of these glass panels, just use your imagination. The panel can be imprinted with a photo image, some intricate ornament or a sold color background. The  advantage is that Skinali harmonizes with the kitchen furniture and design. Skinali looks very attractive when used with the backlight. The LED light makes images multidimensional and turns your kitchen into a real masterpiece.


  •  Our own production facility, no vendors, our highly trained staff does the total production cycle of your custom backsplash.
  •  You deal directly with the manufacturer, no middlemen, no third party suppliers.
  • The best raw materials and quality assurance allow us to produce a strong and solid backsplash.
  • Our designers have Art Degrees and more than three years of experience working with Skinali.
  • Our catalog was created by our professional designers and contains more than 6000 images.
  • We can make Skinali more expressive and visually appealing by installing the LED backlight.
  • You won’t have to contact any other specialists, we will install the kitchen rails, baseboards and electric outlets if needed.

We will gladly work with cabinet makers and interior designers. Our main area of expertise is manufacturing of tempered glass products with decorative coating.


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