What is Skinali?

Skinali are the decorative panels for kitchen. They are usually installed between the wall cabinets and the base cabinets in the kitchen.

What is glass Skinali?

The glass Skinali are a decorative panels made with tempered glass and they are usually imprinted with some images. This term has many synonyms: glass backsplashes, glass wall panels, photo-skinali, and others. The standard proven technology of production is imprinting the image on the tempered glass using UV glass printing.

How to place an order?

To order the skinali or for prior consultation, call us or send your order via e-mail.

Manufacturing time

It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks from the effective date of contract until the installation.

Why the glass Skinali are so popular?

First of all, because of the high-quality technical characteristics of the tempered glass. It is fireproof and is perfect for use close to the open fire. It cannot be damaged while cleaning neither with metal scouring pad nor with cleaning agents. This kind of glass is 5 to 6 times more resistant than the ordinary one.

  • Secondly, the use of photo printing gives the unlimited opportunities for design of the glass backsplash. Such panels look really original and exclusive.
  • Thirdly, it has a relatively low price, easy installation and dismantling.

What is the purified glass?

The purified glass is different from the ordinary glass because it has almost no tint. It also has a high light transmission. If the light color image is printed on the regular glass, it becomes slightly greenish.

What are the best ways to attach the glass to the wall?

There are two basic methods, the main difference between them consists in their look and functionality. It is for you to choose.

The first method – using the self-tapping screws. In this case, we make several holes around the perimeter of the glass and fix the glass onto the wall. The heads of the screws are covered with decorative (usually chromed) screw covers. Later, the glass is easy to dismantle and reinstall if needed (for the maintenance work in the kitchen, for example).

The second method – using the glue. In this case, there is no need to make any holes in the glass, but it will be difficult to dismantle the backsplash without any damage to the glass panel.

When is it better to take measurements for Skinali: before or after the installation of the kitchen cabinets?

We recommend to call our installers to take measurements for the glass backsplash when all kitchen cabinets are already installed (at least the base cabinets and the countertop). The reason is that the level of the floor is not always perfect and it is very difficult to foresee what will be the distance between the wall and the base cabinets once the kitchen cabinets are installed.

We work almost with all photobanks existing in the Internet. But the Shutterstock.com established itself as the best one: more than 20 million pictures of a quality that are perfect for the interior printing. By the way, we offer the images from this website for free.

Is it possible to change the color of the image from your catalog?

We can edit all the images: color, brightness, contrast, and many others. It is possible to discolor the image or to add the sepia effect. If you want to take away some elements or make a collage, our designer will do it all for free after the signing of the contract with our company.

Should the walls be somehow prepared (smoothed) before the installation of Skinali?

Of course, perfectly smooth walls are always a good “present” for our specialists, but it is not a must if the panels will be fixed with screws. The main thing is that there are no protruding or sharp parts. In general, you may even leave your old wallpapers or tiles. On the other hand, it is more complicated to fix Skinali with glue. Therefore, the walls should be smooth. In any case, our specialist will tell you if the walls are in good condition.

 My range hood is fixed on the higher level than the wall cabinets. Is it a problem?

It is a typical situation and is not a problem. We make a separate panel for the space under the range hood which connects precisely with the other panels. Or we can make a one-piece panel with complex shape, however, it will be more expensive because the area of such kind of panel is calculated according to the overall dimensions. In this case the image will be adjusted to new dimensions.